isweek - Jungheinrich Presents Powerhouse of Innovations at CeMAT
دوشنبه 26 آبان 1393  06:44 ق.ظ

Jungheinrich Presents Powerhouse of Innovations at CeMAT

The Hamburg-based Jungheinrich accumulation is presenting abundant innovations and artefact refinements at CeMAT 2014 - from May 19 to 23 in Hanover, Germany - breadth visitors will acquisition a absolute arrangement of acumen systems, stackers and intralogistics casework at moso led driver Pavilion 33/34 and on the amphitheater website below the behemothic EXPO awning at the exhibition grounds.

Jungheinrich highlights at CeMAT 2014 include: Lithium-ion solutions, fabricated by Jungheinrich New torque advocate bearing aswell for outdoor led driver the toughest applications Tow alternation arrangement for able assembly accumulation Expansion of Artefact Ambit for Acumen Systems New artefact and innovations attack involving ability trucks Quantum Bound in Sophisticated Activity Accumulator Concepts Jungheinrich is accomplishment advanced in the breadth of another drives and activity accumulator systems. The Hamburg-based intralogistics specialist is a apple baton in implementing and always adorning the lithium-ion technology in its banal automated trucks. At CeMAT 2014 Jungheinrich's presentation of its new lithium-ion batteries will highlight a breakthrough bound in activity accumulator concepts. In accession Jungheinrich will be showcasing a facelift of the world's aboriginal banal lithium-ion EJE 112i automated truck. According to Dr Klaus-Dieter Rosenbach, affiliate of the Jungheinrich Board of Administration in allegation of Engineering, "this addition represents a assiduity of the Jungheinrich success adventure in lithium-ion technology, originally launched at CeMAT 2008."

Jungheinrich Introduces New Bearing of Torque Converters Jungheinrich will be actualization a absolutely re-designed bearing of IC-engine powered forklift trucks to a apple admirers at CeMAT 2014, the world's arch fair for intralogistics. These trucks abide of the hydrodynamic-drive (torque conversion) DFG/TFG 316-320 and DFG/TFG 425-435 models - new-generation stackers which can handle payloads of up to 3,500 kilograms, with a best stacking acme of led converter 7.50 metres. Engineered and fabricated in Germany, these general-purpose, reliable and asperous trucks bear above-average throughput ante while arresting low amounts of energy. These able-bodied stackers avowal high-grade, acutely durable, abiding apparatus and are alluringly ill-fitted for extreme, boxy operations in altered altitude zones. The amount apparatus of these new torque converters represent centralized engineering developments from Jungheinrich, including the mast, anatomy and council column. Complete Tow Alternation Arrangement Planning a Tow alternation arrangement requires an affectionate acquaintance with the accordant intralogistics processes. As an accustomed provider of analyses and optimisation recommendations for intralogistical actual breeze processes, Jungheinrich has broadcast its portfolio to cover tow alternation assay and advice. Jungheinrich is premiering a complete tow alternation arrangement to a able all-around admirers at CeMAT. Apart from absolute advice, the new arrangement consists of a new tow tractor (type EZS 580/590) with a towing accommodation of up to nine tonnes as able-bodied as several new trailers (type GTP and GTE etc.). Jungheinrich Expands Artefact Ambit for Acumen Systems Jungheinrich is accretion its ambit of acumen systems products. The new products, "Jungheinrich Lift Racking" (LRK) and "Jungheinrich Paternoster Racking" (PRK), accept broadcast the Jungheinrich ambit of activating accumulator and retrieval solutions to cover a added intralogistics acreage for the Hamburg-based firm, appropriately commutual its intralogistics artefact portfolio. Jungheinrich Drives Added Refinement of Ability Trucks The artefact and innovations attack involving ability trucks began aback at CeMAT 2011 with the barrage of the no. 2 alternation (ETV/ETM 214-216), afterward the addition of the new alternation 3 trucks (via the ETV 318 model) in 2013. The official barrage of the ETV/ETM 320-325 archetypal ambit is demography abode at CeMAT 2014.

A key appropriate of this new ability barter consists of its essentially lower activity consumption, accompanying with a college throughput rate. "Measurements accept adumbrated that, while arresting 10 percent beneath energy, the latest bearing of trucks can accomplish up to 10 percent college than before," explains Joachim Schier, Head of Artefact Administration for Ability Trucks at Jungheinrich. At CeMAT 2014 Jungheinrich is aswell presenting its new ETV 110/112 ability barter - the "little brother" of its alternation 3 trucks. The ETV 110/112 is characterised by its attenuated alien amplitude of 1,120 mm and is able of alteration payloads of up to 1,200 kilograms. The truck's engineering architecture included a abundant abridgement in activity consumption, with a accompanying access in achievement levels. The addition of the alternation 1 trucks - planned for mid-2014 - will complete the architecture change for an absolute ancestors of Jungheinrich ability trucks. New Bunched Mast Results in Essentially Enhanced All-round Afterimage Jungheinrich is presenting an all-new bunched mast at CeMAT 2014. This will essentially advance afterimage for operators of Jungheinrich counterbalanced stackers. "Thanks to the bunched nesting of profiles and optimisation of corrupt and alternation guides, additional two openings in the cross-bar, the driver's acreage of eyes has been broadcast by as abundant as 85% - a top value!" animadversion Stefan Pfetsch, Head of Counterbalanced Barter Artefact and Portfolio Administration at Jungheinrich. New Bore for "ISM Online" Agile Administration Arrangement Jungheinrich is presenting its latest adjustment of ISM Online to its able admirers in Hanover.

This new agile administration arrangement is able of managing, analysing and optimising automated barter fleets, irrespective of their admeasurement or complexity. A new affection of ISM Online consists of the Productivity module, which allows the user to analyse and appropriately maximise the utilisation of his agile capacity. Access to the agnate abstracts takes abode via the ISM Online aperture in a adequate breadth of the Web, authoritative it accessible to alarm up admonition from around anywhere in the world. ISM Online combines business abstracts with operational and shock abstracts for all the automated trucks in a fleet. Trucks Advised for Non-European Growth Markets Different markets crave altered appearance for their automated trucks, which can advance to variations on accustomed car designs or even absolutely new designs. The Jungheinrich Architecture Centre in Houston, Texas, for instance designs barn accessories tailored to the requirements of the North American market. And at its assembly area in Qingpu (in greater Shanghai, China), Jungheinrich develops and produces automated trucks which accommodate to the needs of the Asian market. Jungheinrich is presenting called cars advised for non-European markets at this year's CeMAT. This includes a ability barter from the Jungheinrich Architecture Centre in Houston. These ETR ability trucks will be accessible in several altered configurations as of mid-year and are destined for the North and South American bazaar as able-bodied as the APAC arena and the Middle East.

A added appropriate of this bearing of ability trucks consists of their acutely top balance appropriation capacity. The Hamburg-based close will aswell be presenting a barter from its Chinese bulb in Qingpu - a blazon EJR 120n battery-powered low belvedere truck. This barter represents an adjustment of its European "cousin", the EJE 120, to the requirements of the Asian market. Jungheinrich ranks a part of the world's arch companies in the actual administration equipment, warehousing and actual breeze engineering sectors. The aggregation is an intralogistics account and band-aid provider with accomplishment operations, which offers its barter a absolute ambit of forklift trucks, acumen systems, casework and advice. Jungheinrich shares are traded on all German banal exchanges.

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