isweek - Tube angle specialist accelerates throughput and accouterments right-first-time accomplishment with the advice of all-electric machine

Tube angle specialist accelerates throughput and accouterments right-first-time accomplishment with the advice of all-electric machine

Scarborough, UK, June 10, 2014 --- A Unison all-electric CNC tube angle apparatus is allowance the specialist tube angle aggregation T+T Tubecraft to advance assembly of attention tubular locations and annihilate actual decay through right-first-time manufacturing. Tubecraft has a accepted acceptability for metal tube, aqueduct and area bending. Founded in 1949 to mass air flow sensors aftermath locations for aircraft and motorcycles, the aggregation nowadays serves a assorted chump abject including pharmaceutical, petrochemical, aerospace and aliment processing industries.

Tubecraft aswell has a decidedly able attendance in the oil and gas area - including angle adamant small-bore hydraulic tubes for several subsea accessories manufacturers. Tubecraft's aqueduct and tube angle casework accept been based on hydraulically-powered machines, although in contempo years it aswell invested in several amalgam hydraulic-electric machines. However, an accretion admeasurement of the company's business is for actual ambitious shapes and abate accumulation runs - which are not alluringly ill-fitted to assembly on hydraulic tube benders. Abounding of the company's oil and gas projects abatement into this category. For example, the tubular locations for subsea 'Christmas' trees, hydraulic aerial leads and associated accessories are usually bogus from big-ticket corrosion-resistant abstracts such as duplex, cool bifold or 316L stainless steel, or added alien alloys such as 6Mo, and consistently appeal awful circuitous aeroembolism of awfully top accuracy. Setting up a hydraulic tube angle apparatus to consistently aftermath locations of this complication can be actual time-consuming; it usually takes Tubecraft's specialists about 90 account to fit the applique and configure a apparatus for angle a accurate part. It's again all-important to angle two or three balloon parts, authoritative accessory apparatus adjustments anniversary time, afore a allotment passes altitude analysis and assembly can begin. Given that added and added projects are about produced in baby accumulation sizes - sometimes as baby as one - afore the apparatus is retooled for the next part, this time aerial anon mounts up. On boilerplate for instance, for accomplishment subsea parts, Tubecraft performs eight complete apparatus changeovers a anniversary - apery as abundant as 12 hours absent assembly time. Aside from the time overhead, Tubecraft was aswell anxious about atom actual issues. On abounding angle affairs the tube actual is supplied by customers, who generally accomplish no allowance for the decay incurred by trialling parts; and with the actual costs of even mid-range admixture tubing calmly beyond Pounds 200/metre, bearing assorted balloon locations for low volume, baby accumulation admeasurement assembly runs was acceptable uneconomic. Tubecraft accordingly approved to apparatus a right-first-time accomplishment strategy, based on a tube angle band-aid that accumulated affluence of start-up and fast apparatus about-face with top accurateness and repeatability. The aggregation had looked at abundant tube wholesale fiber optic angle machines over the years, including offerings from American, German, Swedish and Chinese manufacturers, and assured that UK-based Unison's all-electric technology represented the optimal way forward. Another key agency abaft the purchasing accommodation was Unison's accomplished acceptability for support, which Tubecraft commendations as basic for any business that is introducing new assembly technology. The Unison tube angle apparatus - a 50 mm Breeze all-electric archetypal with a multi-stack apparatus arch for fast, automatic apparatus about-face - was installed at Tubecraft's branch in Woking in January 2014. It is networked to the company's CAD accessories and a alike barometer apparatus (CMM) that is acclimated to verify angle accurateness and architectonics conformity.

The tube bender can be programmed manually or by importing CAD abstracts application industry-standard IGES or STEP files, while abstracts acquired by the CMM from the aboriginal bogus allotment can be used, if necessary, to automatically acclimatize the angle apparatus accessible for a assembly run. According to Tubecraft's Managing Director, Ross Turner, "The all-electric architectonics and automatic software-controlled start-up of the Unison apparatus has above advantages over hydraulic machines. Angle accurateness and repeatability are badly improved. For echo orders we now accomplish right-first-time manufacturing, and even for new projects, area abstracts from the aboriginal bogus allotment ability be acclimated to acclimatize angle parameters, the additional allotment is usually perfect. It aswell alone takes about 20 account to absolutely configure the electric bender, which is beneath than a division of the time it took with our hydraulic machines - giving us at atomic 9 hours a anniversary added assembly time." The multi-stack apparatus captivation adequacy of the electric angle apparatus added helps to abate the charge for chiral intervention, by acceptance circuitous locations with assorted altered aeroembolism to be fabricated in one ceaseless apparatus cycle. Although Tubecraft makes abounding use of Unison's bar cipher scanning arrangement to verify which accoutrement are installed and configure the apparatus automatically, it does not yet use Unison's quick-change applique system. As Ross Turner credibility out, "We acknowledge that quick-change tooling, as able-bodied as Unison's laser spring-back alteration system, will accredit us to added abate start-up time, but we accept a huge investment in accoutrement and accordingly intend implementing these appearance over time. What I would say is that accepting fabricated the about-face to Unison all-electric tube benders and accomplished their advantages, we would acquisition it actual difficult to acknowledgment to hydraulic benders! Also, the Unison apparatus is the alone one we accept that is able of advance bending. Unison will advice us to methane sensor advance abilities and ability of this technology, which is starting to become accepted for the able assembly of locations that amalgamate continued across-the-board curves with bound ambit bends."

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